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LOKi TV is a Youtube Channel that showcases the talents of LOKi. A wide variety of comedy sketches, TV spoofs, sci-fi parodies, topical satire, interactive magic and mindreading!

New videos are uploaded every week, with bonus videos popping up from time to time. All videos are written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by LOKi, a professional comedian and magician that has been entertaining audiences worldwide.


Original characters, mindbending mentalism!

Louis YourThru, Joe Erotic and David Zambuka are just a few of the characters you'll meet on LOKi TV.

All of LOKi's creations are original and all the sketches, clips and routines come directly out of his head and onto your screens. Comical spoofs of popular television and some truly out of this world mentalism that leaves the volunteers speechless.


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Subscribe now by clicking the button below and start watching new and original comedy! LOKi is also a professional magician and has many videos as his Alto Ego 'David Zambuka' the Quantum mind reader that successfully read the mind of Stephen Hawking!

Zambuka has attended two STARMUS festivals and entertained live with his Quantum mind reading show. In addition to having met Hawking, he has also read the mind of eminent theoretical physicist Professor Jim Al-Khallili! Through Zambuka Jim has had spray paint aimed at his face, doodled a drawing of an alien and even had a wormhole opened up into his mind!

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